There is a big difference between having an impact on someone and bringing transformation to that persons life! At service year, we do just that, we transform lives.

Passionate young people annually join us with great expectations and a sparkle in their eye! Through the year, the passion deepens with experience, expectations are exceeded with God's surprises and eyes get even brighter by new horizons and vision!

If you have the desire to dedicate a year of your life to God and you would like to go deeper with your relationship with Him, download the application documents right now and apply!


The following is important traits, we would like our service year student to have.

That you:

...have a living relationship with Jesus Christ

…are teachable and willing to change to become more like Jesus

...are willing to let God build your character through other people and his Word

...are willing to submit to authority

...are able to co-operate within a group

...are willing to live in simplicity

...are able to function under pressure

…can adapt easily

...are willing to serve in any manner

…are willing to keep going, even when you’re tired

...are willing to sacrifice much: comfort, privacy, freedom

…won’t give up if you feel spiritually worn out 

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